Using Sirius Specifier (Properties View) with Capella Model Issue

I found a topic mentioning some sort of incompatibilty between the properties View Sirius Specifier and Capella/Capella Studio? Capella Studio’s Sirius Version - Capella Studio & Kitalpha - Eclipse Capella Forum ( (last comment)

I am trying it right now and I don’t know if I am doing something wrong, or if there are simply some incompatibilities?

Please look at this:

So that is my specifier configuration, and I would like to change or erase some properties for one of my Capella model elements, let’s say : A logical Component.

The results of my specifier properties view config, would not be reported on my Capella (After using the addon I just packed from Capella Studio, which contains the properties view new config). Here are the properties shown in Capella, nothing has changed, no new tab, no erasing of old tabs (My goal is to add tabs or modify existing tabs, not erase them all)

Any thoughts? If anyone has ever used this part of the specifier? Thanks.

maybe the problem comes from missing metamodel referencing on the dependencies of the MANIFEST file?

But from My understanding Capella Studio, would already be containing this.

Edit 2:
What is strange is that’s it works perfectly fine, in the instance of Test of CS. But would not work on my Model.


On Capella Studio, contributing new tabs to the properties view is specified through the “ui.vptext” aspect (so in your vpdsl project) that will generate a .ui project during viewpoint generation. This contribution of a new Property View tab rely on an extension point (eclipse extension point) and not on the Sirius Properties contribution. To put it differently Capella Viewpoint technology does not rely on this Sirius feature and such integration have not been investigated nor it is tested.

As you pentionned it on your other message Are there incompatibilites between Capella and Properties View in Sirius Specifier - Yes or no? there is something to be investigated. I have opened an issue Capella Studio / Sirius Property View compatibility ? · Issue #154 · eclipse/capella-studio · GitHub. Do not hesitate to contribute to it.


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Thank you so much for the answer, i desperately needed a clarification.
As you may know, I have no inside into the structure/config/code source of Capella. I don’t know how could I contribute more on this issue. I could share more failed experiments if I try, don’t know if that could prove useful.

Could you, please, tell me wether you think this is going to be investigated (and integrated) any soon? Like a window of time? Does it depend on the new version/release of Capella, or is there a chance it could be seen to before that?

I am asking because I have a project which could use this solution. I must know if I should drop this solution altogether for now and come back in a year, or it is more likely to be implemented within days/weeks? Honestly?

Thanks so much.

I must add something:
When using Capella Studio, I did not had not any of the Property View Description usual features/options, i had to DOWNLOAD Sirius again for my CS 5.1 (Sirius 6.5.1), which I did and which made me able to simulate all sort of new extra tabs/sections on the properties of my items on my Capella instance. Obviousely it did not follow up, when been packaged.

Here: Eclipse Community Forums: Sirius » Creating a Property View Description


Adding/extending features of the tooling is a matter of availability of the developers or any contributor. It is thus difficult to know if this feature will be investigated.
After a few talks, it seems that this problem may be related to the fact that EEF2 (EEF) is not present in Capella. Maybe you can try to install it.

I have answered and created an associated issue: Add Sirius Specification Environment into the Capella Studio bundle · Issue #155 · eclipse/capella-studio · GitHub


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This sounds really promising!

I will try it with my local network, i can’t download the EEF directly from Capella, right now, and it does not seem i can download the package directly outside of Capella. (Lussaud told me I could configure the proxy to allow Capella to do so, did not look into it yet).

Will keep you informed if that ever worked. Hope it does!
And thanks for the issue.

Have a nice end of week,

It worked. Thanks a lot!
Even Sirius needed to be reinstalled (some “modules” were missing in Capella itself it seems, not just CS), but it worked. I am glad!


Nice to hear, can you please share the related modifications in the Capella install ?
Something like this for example (providing the diff between “Current installation” and previous one:


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Hey I can.
As I mentioned the changes had to be done on Capella itself, not Capella Studio. (Capella Studio was already missing some Sirius components as mentioned on that other topic).

So the following is:

  • Capella Without EEF, then
  • EEF added, then
  • EEF + Sirius added to Capella.
    I might have added extra components that were not needed when reinstalling Sirius.

I work with Capella 5.1, Sirius 6.5.1 and last EEF version.

If the image is not clear enough, then i can provide a doc listing all modules if needed.

Best regards,

I come with additional feedback, might be interesting for the Capella Team:

  • Reinstalling Sirius result in not being able to install EEF package through the install manager. (Menu > install ). EFF must be installed BEFORE Sirius. Indeed, if you install sirius then try to install EEF, the installer manager would not allow you to click on “next” when EEF is selected, strangely enough.
    This applies to installation through local packages, maybe installing through urls would solve this, i cannot test that however.

  • Installing EEF → Then Sirius, is the only way it works for me.

  • Whenever adding a “” on the dropings folder, Kitalpha View manager is no longer capable of detecting automatically NEW add-ons in the dropings folder.