Are there incompatibilites between Capella and Properties View in Sirius Specifier - Yes or no?

I was working with Properties view description withing Sirius Specifier, using Capella Studio.
I am noticing that the simulation (Runtime), would correctly simulate the edited properties on the model.
But as soon as I packaged the add-on and added it to an actual Capella program, the add-on would have no effect, the properties are not changed.
here is an image:

I read somewhere (comment from 2018) that there might be incompatibilites with Capella.

Could someone give me a final answer, (whether there are incompatibilites or not) so I can know if I should continue working with the sirius specifier properties view, in order to modify my Capella model, or should I drop it, please? Thanks.

I have opened an issue Capella Studio / Sirius Property View compatibility ? · Issue #154 · eclipse/capella-studio · GitHub related to this.


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