Capella Studio's Sirius Version

I was wondering what version of Sirius is used in Capella Studio. I can see that it shows 5.1 in the installation details but some of the features are not available. For instance, adding a properties view ( perties_View_Description.html#introduction) is not shown when I right click on the design root. Is it intentionally disabled in Capella Studio or should I just re-install or update my Sirius? I mean is it expected?

has any body experienced this ?

Hello Parsa,
Capella is built atop Sirius. But it does not exploit all features provided by Sirius like the properties view. They are not installed so you will not be able to use those.
It also appears that there are some incompatibilities with this feature in capella environment when installed.
So you will not be able to use it for the moment in this context.
Pierre Guilet

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