Adding images into the description


I am using Capella 6.0 and I want to add an image into the description of an operational capability.
I have imported an image into my Capella workspace.
From there I tried to add the image via the add image button in the description, but sadly it will not add my image.

Has someone a solution for that?

Thanks in advance

Any error? What is happeing? Can you create links in your description?

Hello Stephane,

Thank you for reply!
I do not know if one of these errors are relevant:

I can create these links:

I do not know if this is the right way.
Do I need to change some settings in Capella or something?

Works on my end - how did you import the image in your project?

Via File-> Import->General-> File system

So once imported, you can see the image in your project but cannot add it into the description of a model element? Very strange…

I can also not add the default images that are already in the img folder. I can select them and add, but nothing happens.

Maybe this would help…

What OS are you?

Sadly that does not work for me.

I am using Capella 6.0 on Windows 11.

First time I hear of this problem.
What we’ve seen in the past is people unable to create links. In that case, the solution is here: Unable to generate html hyperlink in a Description Item with Cap. 5.2
Maybe you could try it to see if it works…

Oke thank you, I will try that.

This worked for me! Thank you very much.

Well, I am glad it worked, goot to know!