System to subsystem transition crashes with Exception


I’m having an issue with the System to subsystem transition add-on:

  • Capella version 5.1
  • SubsystemTransition-updateSite-

For any subsystem transition that I try, the transition crashes with my model and the eclipse log shows the following exceptions: .log (364.8 KB)

It does not matter whether I use the SA or SA - LA - PA transition, both of them fail for my project. I tried to strip down the subsystem’s complexity by deleting components from it and some point, the transition started to work again. However, I was not really able to track down what might be wrong with my model. When I used a different Capella project with a simpler model, the transition also works fine.

I found a few more threads in the forum which reported issues with older versions of Capella and the add-on, none of them looks like an exact match of what I’m encountering:

Do you have any idea what might be causing the issue?

Thank you,

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