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I am trying to model the requirements within capella, I saw that there is the requirements package which allows to create requirements and then using the requirements viewpoint we can add them to a capella diagram. However, this “requirement package” command does not sound to work for me. The idea is to refine a high level requirements using modeling while allocating the requirements on functions or components within the capella model.

Please see the attached photos
photo 1: what I want to do.
I don’t have these options within my capella environment.

Thank you in advance!

The Requirements Management add-on defines a new type of requirement, different from the one that is natively in Capella. Ony these new kinds of requirements can be shown in diagrams. Check-out the Help section devoted to the Requirements Management add-on, available when you add it to your Capella environment.
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Hi, you should use the Requirements VP instead of the Requirements Pkg since it allows better requirements management. There is no relation between them.
This thread should help for the creation of types and attributes within the requirements VP: Requirement VP edition . As already suggested, try to consult the requirements VP guide in the help section.

Thank you Juan and Paolo,

If I understood well,with the requirement VP we can import requirements that have been defined in another environment, I don’t have these requirements (or I have the highlevel ones and I need to refine them at different the different levels of the component breakdown structure), so I need to create my requirements within capella that’s why I was looking for the requirement package. Now, the difficulty is that I can’t create this package. when I do rightclick at the “system level” as described in the figure I showed earlier, I can’t get the “add new capella” option. The only options I have are: New reprsentation, control, export representation as images and requirements VP that allows importing requirements.

So to summarize, the issue is that I can’t see where I can create my requirement package?
I am using the 1.4.0 version.

Can you help with this?

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Hi Lara,

Actually, you do not necessarily have to import requirements from a ReqIF file within the requirements VP. Indeed, you can create your own requirements inside the model with the VP. However, in order to create requirements with the requirements VP, you have to exploit the “Add Capella Element” line. It seems strange to me that Capella does not propose to you that option, maybe others can help you.


Once you install the requirement extension and reference the project to it, you can right-click any perspective and add a Capella module which can contain requirements. Check the manual, the [Requirements Viewpoint Guide] section which is available once you install the extension.

Thank you again for your answers.

I think that there is an issue with the visulization/display options. When I right click to any level of capella analysis, I don’t have the “Commands of the contextual menu”. Is there a reason that I don’t have this menu? I have another one instead (New reprsentation, control, export representation as images and requirements VP)

Thank you again!

Hi Lara,

Let me try first to clarify something; you should not use the requirement package that comes with Capella, this is a legacy part of the data model. Instead you should use the data model that comes with the requirements viewpoint.
Please see the documentation of the requirements viewpoint for more information on how to create requirements with it. And please do not hesitate to ask questions if this is not clear.

Stephane Lacrampe
ObeoSoft Canada

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