Requirement VP edition

Hello everyone,
Following the documentation of the Requirement VP, I faced a difficulty while trying to edit one attribute of my req.
I started from scratch, creating my requirement modules directly into my Capella model.
I defined the ReqType with their attributes ( basic types for attributes where not available, so I have created a basic type ‘String’ ). Req1 was associated to ReqType1, with the attribute ‘Level’ of type ‘String’.
However, I couldn’t find how to edit the Level Field of Req1 in the Mass Editing view. The selection of columns that is offered by Capella never provide a ‘Level’ colums which I can modify.
Thinking that it was because of the type of the attribute, I tried again with an Enum type that I defined in my model. with no more result.
I think that I am missing a step here : how can make that column appear in the mass editing view ?

Hello Julien,
Do you have an example of well-formed attributes requirements coming from a ReqIf import, that you could use as a model to investigate your issue?
If not, you can try I attached hereunder.
I don’t know which version of Capella you are using, but I know some improvements have been brought to the very last version of the add-on (which works with Capella 1.3.1).
I just did a small check and was able to get a mass edit view (see attached image)

In the Type Folder, you shall create a ‘Data Type Definition’ ‘String’
In ReqType1, a new ‘Attribute Definition’ ‘Level’, with a ‘Data Type’ towards the ‘String’
In a Requirement, ‘Type’ it by ReqType1
Now, send the requirement to Mass Edition view, and Level shall appears.
Notice that this only work on Capella 1.3.1 with Requirements viewpoint 0.10.1
Best regards

Hello Stephane and Philippe,
I made a few tet with your reqif files on the 1.3.0 version, without success…
However, it worked perfectly with the 1.3.1 version. I guess it is time to migrate all my projects !
Thanks for the help !

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