Removing Physical Component from Rec

I created a rec with multiple physical components in it. I would now like to break apart that rec to now have multiple independent component recs to use independently.

What is the cleanest way to do this?

Capella 6.1

Seems this was asked but not answered here in 2021: How to update REC deleting link with objects

Do you need to keep your original REC? If not, just delete the REC and create the new RECS you want.

Otherwise, if you have to keep your REC, what prevents you to create new RECS while keeping your initial REC?


Hi @StephaneLacrampe,

Thanks for the response!

I have already made numerous RPLs from the REC. Essentially, I’m realizing that what I lumped together as one top level component is should really be two components at equal levels in the hierarchy. Another way to view it is that two components were packaged in a higher level component, but now would like to remove the higher level component and keep the two lower level ones in separate RECs.

So my ideal end state would be that without deleting and rebuilding components that the RPLs are used within, it be possible to split off components from one REC to another new one, and have the tool update all REC <> RPL links to point to the new REC.

I think I did find a way to delete one of the components completely both from the model and REC by modifying the REC. While not ideal, it was okay in this case since the deleted component was pretty simple. I was able to update the RPLs without that component, and then I made a new replacement for it with its own REC.

Also - on the topic of deleting a REC. It looks like I would just go into the REC library and delete the REC and associated links, but what happens to any of the RPLs in the process? It seems they might get orphaned?

I’m wondering if there’s a better way to do this or if it’s just something I should request as an upcoming feature :-).


I don’t have all the answers to your questions as I have not used extensively REC/RPLS - I would have a look at the doc and give it a try to see what happens to the RPLs when you delete a REC.