How to update REC deleting link with objects


I am currently working on Capella 1.3.1.

I’m using a lot REC-RPL functionality with libraries and projects, and I’m now wishing to update my REC not by adding elements but by deleting.

So, I am encountering an issue that I didn’t find a solution : how can we delete easily one or several elements from a REC ? The ‘catalog element link’

The fact is that we can search manually in a ‘REC catalog’ the ‘catalog element link’ to delete the link between the element and the REC, and using F8 from the Semantic Browser allows to find the REC, not the ‘catalog element link’.

But when the REC contains numerous data, it is difficult to find the right ‘Catalog element link’ in the Rec Catalog, and it’s even more difficult when the REC contains several objects having the same names (ex : FE and FE ports).

So my questions are :

In order to delete the link between my object and the REC, is there a smart way to navigate in the model to find the correct ‘catalog element link’?

Is it possible to do it with a multi-selection to delete several links at once ? I’m wishing to delete the links of around 100 elements displayed on the same diagram.

Do you have any tips ? I haven’t found the solution in the Help Contents.

Thank you by advance for your return,


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