PVMT Units in the Viewpoint


I have created domain models for PVMT for certain parameters. While the Units are indicated in the Property Value Domain Model, in the viewpoint I couldn’t find the units. Could someone help me on how to view the units in the PVMT Table?

Thank you

Hello Vighnesh,

I don’t know if it is possible in the latest version, but I found this post from two years ago which says that it was not possible, at least with the versions available at that time: Getting Units of a float property to display on a diagram.
A workaround suggested there was to create properties to contain the units. So in your case, for instance, a property “Temperature unit” with a default value “°C”.
What I don’t know is if this is possible with newer versions.


Martin Le Bourgeois
ObeoSoft Canada Inc.

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Thanks for the response, Martin. Hopefully, they add the feature in the upcoming versions.

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