Getting Units of a float property to display on a diagram

I am using the PVMT plugin to create properties for my model. Using the PV definition editor I am able to create float properties and also define the units for the property.
Taking the example in the attached image, I have a property connected to a tyre that says ‘tyre size’. I can see in the property value window next to the semantic browser that the unit of this property is inches, however I cannot see this unit on the diagram - instead I can only see its value.
Does anyone know how to make the unit appear alongside the value?

I think you can’t in the current version
You can define in a property “unit” in your extension, with a default value that will always be shown in the diagram (cf. figures)
Hope it helps

Thanks for the reply.
Yes that does look like one way of solving the problem, but it could get more complicated if I start to introduce more properties in the Property Value Group which do not share the same unit as the other properties in the group.
I could for example introduce the property ‘Tyre Pressure’ where the units will not be inches. I could add another unit which says ‘psi’ but it could become confusing if the property list becomes very large.