Nesting objects creates ghost boxes

I’m having an issue where nesting objects has created an offset “ghost” image of the icon/box offset from where it is supposed to be. This has only been happening in the past week for me, after using the tool for a few weeks. It first appeared in an established model I had, when I was adding details in the PAB diagram - by adding deployed behaviors onto nodes.

I have tried several fixes without result. Some of my troubleshooting steps involved:

  • Revert back to earlier check-in
    (then I noticed n my logical diagram the same issue appeared)
  • Tried the Repair feature
  • Reboot the PC
  • Graphics driver update
  • Increases memory of Eclipse in capella.ini
  • Download a fresh .zip of Capella and have a fresh install of 6.0

The issue is more prevalent and repeatable today. When starting a brand new project and only a few diagrams. Attached are some screenshots.

  1. I created a new PFBD, then a PDFB and the issue appears right away.

Thanks in advance, Zippy

After a few days and restarts with the model I was able to figure this one out! It had to do with the screen resolution. Working from the office with dual monitors went through a different graphics chip than the screen within the laptop when working at home. Lowering the resolution removed the gray boxes and offset gray boxes (I did not show above).