Missing Contents exporting with XHTMLDocGen Capella 5.0

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exporting the model with the XHTML Documentation Generation add-on, some of the diagrams are not visible despite they are present in the list of diagrams and their tab can be opened, most of them belonging to the Logical Architecture. An older discussion reported this as an unsolved bug (XHTML Document Generation 1.3.1 missing contents). Is there anything I can do to solve this issue?
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I’m not sure to fully understand the problem. The problem stated in the message (XHTML Document Generation 1.3.1 missing contents) is still fixed in version 5.0. This problem was that for example this page for a part had discrepancies with this page for the corresponding component.

Can you point the missing content in this online version of the documentation for the IFE ? Or can you provide a screenshot of the missing elements in your generated documentation ?


Hello Arnaud, thank you for the reply.

The problem is that I have a number of Logical Architecture Blank diagrams in my model which do not appear whenever I try to open them from the HTML diagrams list, reported in the next picture:

These LAB diagrams were initiated from Logical Components present in other diagrams. Therefore they are actually present in the HTML export but accessible in an indirect way (that is, opening the diagram in which the Logical Component that initiates the desired LAB diagram is present and clicking on it). My concern is about the impossibility to open them directly from the above-illustrated list.


So there is indeed sort of a problem regarding the location of the diagrams. If you create a diagram from a diagram element (a Part here), the diagram is located in the Part (not in the component) which leads to an incorrect rendering in the XHTML DocGen.
A solution to fix this is to drag and drop the diagram from the Part to the component in the Project Explorer.

I cannot say when it will be fixed in the XHTML Docgen.


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