XHTML Document Generation 1.3.1 missing contents

while migrating a project from version 1.2.1 to 1.3.1 of Capella and the XHTML Document Generation plugin, I noted the following differences in the HTML export and I am wondering how to re-enable them again:

  • Parts do no longer contain the content of Logical Component (for example). This is specfically inconvenient, since the Part description is opened when clicking on a logical component in the diagram. The same error exists everywhere where Parts are involved.
  • The export does only show description and summary and a list of diagrams the entity is used in, in particular the following is no longer present:
  • List of port
  • List of (Functional/Component/…) Exchanges and description
    Is there any change that I need to do to the model to enable this again?

We have reproduced this behavior, there are some elements that are missing in this version of the XHTML docgen. A bugzilla has been filled for this (
ticket 2558).
We will work on fixing this.

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