Migration of .aird file to Capella 6.0 does not start

Hello there,

I tried to open a project which relates to a Youtube course but the project was created with an older version of Capella (around 1.X).
I am able to import the project into my workspace but after clicking “Open session” on the .aird file a window pops up and says “Wrong model version detected. Please have a look at documentation about project migration”.
When I want to migrate the whole project to the current version of capella there is no Migration-Menu available after clicking with the right mouse button on the Project.
When I do the same with the .aird-file of the model, the Migration-Menu shows up but after clicking “Migrate aird model toward current version” nothing happens and the session still won’t start.

Can anyone help?

Thank you!

Have you read this thread: Migration to 5.2.0 ?
This may help with your case.

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Thank you!
That was exactly what I was looking for!

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