Logical Architecture Diagram Component Rendering Issue


I am following the introductory guide for the toy catapult (A Capella Tutorial) but the Logical Architecture Diagram for “Child Plays Scenario” isn’t rendering the component blocks correctly, and making it very difficult to use… (image below)
Tried closing and re-opening the tab as well as restarting Capella to no avail.
How suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Capella version: 6.0.0
Windows 10
No Add-Ons

I just posted about this in " Nesting objects creates ghost boxes".

I was seeing the same issue. Try changing the resolution of your screen. My laptop and docking stations setup uses an Intel graphics adapter within Windows and a NVIDIA graphics adapter. My two external screens can go about 2x more resolution than the laptop screen…try lowering them.

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Glad you figured out this one!

Thanks, ya, that seems to be the problem.
That’s a little frustrating it doesn’t like the 4K display… Submitted an issue report to the Capella Github.
(Rendering Issue on higher resolution displays · Issue #2547 · eclipse/capella · GitHub)

Just as an update, I found a trick or somewhat way around this issue that may help others in the future.

Basically, it seems Capella’s rending is based on the screen resolution on startup, so you can reduce the screen resolution to 1080p, start capella (and wait for it to fully load), and then change the screen resolution back to the native level, and the Capella render appears to work fine as long as Capella is left open.

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