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I keep looking and looking and looking at documentation and YouTube videos and I’m coming to the conclusion that Capella cannot run simulations and what-if scenarios as Cameo can. Is it really nothing more than making a pretty picture to look at, ie, just a competitor for Visio?

You can check this:
It’s a fresh video that could be of interest for you:
Simulation with Python and MATLAB® | PGM | Capella Webinar - YouTube
Edit: I also went ahead and googled the word simulation in youtube and found all these:


So, in and of itself, it’s merely a pretty picture and you need other software to make it do things that Cameo can do, it appears. So if I’m looking to input different systems in and have something check communication bandwidth and capabilities and run test scenarios, Capella is the wrong tool. It looks to me like it does nothing more than be a way for engineers to make a picture for managers who aren’t tech savvy to get a visualization of a system… It’s really just a Visio or Powerpoint competitor. Any “real” work would be done by other software that may or may not easily work with Capella.

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The Capella tool implements the Arcadia method (a framework and language); a framework defined by an ontology and templates (i.e., viewpoints) that use the ontology elements. Traceability consistency between model elements is ensured by the relationship between ontology elements.
Capella is the tool that makes available the Arcadia method. Hence, the defined ontology model elements for a each view (i.e., instance of a viewpoint), and only the defined ones for the view, can be visualised in a diagram. That is, consistency between model elements is ensured.
Visio, on the other hand, does not provide any consistency checking, hence, it is a good tool to create pictures.

There are options to simulate Capella diagrams, as mentioned by Kabe above.

Some other modelling tools do provide SysML (in part, a different language to Arcadia) modelling capabilities.
However, even with the in-built simulation capabilities, you may find yourself in a position that, there may be project needs to use a more robust solution, like Matlab. Hence, you will end-up simulating your models with a third-party tool.

I hope that helps.

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About simulation & Capella, I advise you to have a look at this post How to transform Capella model into Matlab’s simulink model - Capella - Eclipse Capella Forum (mbse-capella.org), related to the webinar post by @KaBe What if you could simulate your Capella model ? | Thales | Capella Webinar - YouTube

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@Lynn_Howard It depends on your application but from my perspective the simulation capabilities of Cameo and other SysML tools are too basic to perform any significant analysis but linking into Simulink provides a stepping stone to end to end traceability and world class simulation capability. For complex engineering and control system problems, a dedicated tool like simulink is probably going to be required. It sounds like your use case only requires more basic mathematics in which case a SysML simulation based tool may be OK.

Also… what MBSE tools have over and above power point/visio is that they are model based (the clue is in the name!) Using an underlying model rather than just static (dum) images is that the model can be queried, transformed, validated, be checked for consistency against each other and all manner of other benefits. I am working with a team of engineers where Capella is the focal point for our product architecture… we sit and we talk round the model improving it and thus improving our common understanding of the product architecture. It is far more than just for producing pictures for management reviews.