Dropin and Plugin Conflict

I have a Capella project in version 1.3.3 which is using a plugin (Capella-to-TASTE) that does not work in later versions of the software. However I also wanted to have my project under a version control system so I installed EGit and Diff/Merge (the versions are the ones detailed in this forum post: https://forum.mbse-capella.org/t/capella-git-adapter/3709). I after getting the EGit and Diff/merge running on version 1.3.3, I attempt to install the plugin, which does not appear to work. If I do things in reverse order (1st plugin, then the two dropins), the dropins seem to not work. Is there anything I am missing or can this just be up to some conflict between the two tools? I have also tried using the Basic VP add-ons as well as the PVMT addon at the same time as the EGit-Diff/Merge combo, and those do not create any issue and all work simultaneously.

I also have repeated this process for version 1.3.2 and 1.3.0 yields the same results (failure to work simulatenously).

I notice that the EGit-Diff/Merge combo outputs some errors even if it’s the only dropin I have in my installation, however it seems to work, I am able to use it.

Thank you