Capella Git Adapter

The help content in Capella 1.3.0 mention to use egit 4.2.0 for Capella 1.1 based on Mars.2
But nothing about Capella 1.3.0.
What is the recommended Git Adapter to use for Capella 1.3.0?

The following combination is working here with Capella 1.3.0:
EGIT: org.eclipse.egit.repository-
EMF-Diff/Merge: EMF-DiffMerge-0.11.0.v20181028-1700-Site-Incubation

Indeed, this part of documentation were not updated accordingly on 1.3.0.
It has been updated for the upcoming version of capella 1.3.1.
You can find compatibilities/dependencies for a specific version of Capella in the wiki Roadmap page:
In Capella,

  • Go to Windows > Preferences > Install/Updates > Available Software Sites:
  • Add both URL for Git and Diffmerge compatible with the given Capella version, as available in Roadmap/Compatibility table. (as below):
  • Apply and Close
  • Then, Help > Install New Software
  • In the Work with section, choose All available sites
  • And lookup for Git and install both ‘Git for Eclipse’ and ‘EMF Diffmerge for EGit’
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Thank you very much Philippe.

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