Different number of architecture, making instance

Hi all, I have two questions.

  1. I’m trying to make model but not based on Arcadia with Capella.
    When create new project by default five architecture (two are option) are created.
    Is it possible we make different numbers of architecture(main package)?
    If we make model in Cameo System Modeler(SysML), we can make some numbers of (main) package (=architecture) as we want.
  2. How can I make instances of value property inside Block (if in SysML) in Capella?

Thank you.

1 - Arcadia is embedded in Capella, Capella implements Arcadia, so I am not sure what you are trying to do exactly.
When you create a new project, you do not have five architectures, you have five architecture perspectives coming from the Arcadia method, and you can select which one of the architecture you want to use, most of the users choose all of them.
What is it that you want to do? Please keep in mind that saying “like in Cameo” may not be explicit as Capella users are not necessarily aware of what Cameo does. Please also keep un mind that there may not be a straightforward answer to your question as Capella and Arcadia are not trying to provide 1 to 1 ways of doing what cameo or other tools does.
2 You may want to have a look at the PVMT add-on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieVmw54YE94

Thank you for the reply.

  1. Sorry for my lack understanding of arcadia/capella so that I compare with SysML tool (my experience). I’m wondering if I can make some number of architeture levels and its contain freely. Example, I can made 6 level like below figure by copy another level, but I think I can’t make right model for pasted level. Like you said, I should follow arcadia method to make model.

  2. I think my question is closer to topic in link below. I’m still trying to understand.
    Instances of Exchange Items
    Example, I have [engine] component with three value property which are heat, weight and torque. Then, make some instances for engine. The purpose is to make some test case(experiment condition).

1 - If you are doing the system architecture and then the architecture of your sub-systems, then you should look at that System to Sub-system transition addon (https://www.eclipse.org/capella/addons.html) and this video for an introduction to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aefpyMBxB-4&t=1380s
2 - In Capella, all the model elements you are creating are instances. There is no such thing as in SysML where you would first create a Type and then create Instances. The way we handle reusability (types and instances) is through the REC/RPL mechanism (similar to Usage Based Modeling in SysML V2). More info on REC/RPL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-ax61eVlxM

More generally, if you’re looking at comparing Arcadia/Capella with SysML, I would strongly advise you to start by looking at this page: https://www.eclipse.org/capella/arcadia_capella_sysml_tool.html and more specifically the webinar that is pointed on this page.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for the answer.

Sorry, I have another question regarding matrix (different topic).
Can we make matrix that we can choose certain element for row and column?
(Example: Requirement x Capabilities, Value Property (of component) x Value Property (of each component)
I think what I want to make is same like in link below but I can’t download/open the attached excel file.

You’ll be able to download it from this page: https://www.eclipse.org/forums/index.php/t/1102688/

Hopefully in the near future there will be another much easier way to do this…

Thank you for the reply. I can download it.

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