Default font settings for model elements

I am witnessing some odd behaviour with fonts in Capella (v5.1.0). Essentially each model element (Entity, Operational Capability, etc.) is always displayed by default using an 8-point font. This is regardless of what font setting I request in the preferences. I read a post by @LaurentRedor who pointed at the Sirius Diagram -> Appearance -> Default font setting for this and I am able to change the font face via this setting but regardless of what font size I select Capella always displays the model element in 8-point. This behaviour is consistent across both Windows and Mac installations.

Has anyone else observed this and is there a way to make Capella behave as expected?

Not that I know. Maybe you should have a look in the error log view. What version of Capella and OS are you on?

Capella is the latest version (5.1.0) MacBook is Monterey (12.1), but this behaviour is also confirmed with Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Home.

On my MacBook the error log contains a few message about org.eclipse.jface, some 16x16 icons cannot be found but nothing associated with fonts. On Windows the error log comes up blank.

Is there perhaps some other setting I’m not aware of that is overriding the Sirius configuration?

Can you make a screen capture of what you are seeing?
If you were only seeing this on Mac, I would say that this is because of Mac… But if you also see it on Windows, then I don’t know…

The following screenshots are from a Windows Home setup. Note that the selected operational entity is using Segoe UI 8-point font, confirmed in the Properties window.

If I then go into the settings and change the default font for model elements, making it 14-point in this instance and apply the changes.

I then add a new operational entity to the canvas (OE 2), but its font size is the same as OE 1 i.e. 8-point.
Screenshot 2021-12-23 at 07.36.42

I would expect OE 2 to now display in Segoe UI 14-point.

What am I missing here?

You missed nothing. Even if the size appears in this preference page, it is not considered (only the “Font”, ie Font name, is considered). The “default size” considered by Capella, ie by Sirius, is the one defined in the modeler (in the odesign file).
The size can be overridden individually for each node in the “Appearance” tab of Properties view. But there is no way to define “a user default value”.

Thanks @LaurentRedor and @StephaneLacrampe for your input. I’m sure there is a valid design reason for this, but if fails the principle of least surprise for me.

Anyway, I am at least better informed now.

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