Customized font size

I recently presented a Capella model to my group, and my colleagues had a hard time reading the labels.

A recent discussion pointed out that the font size is hard-coded into Capella.

Before I submit a feature request on Capella’s GitHub page I wanted to check if this changes to default font size are planned in a future release of Capella. Or alternatively, maybe there is a really good reason for leaving the font size fixed, so I might as well not pollute the issues list on GitHub.

As a workaround, and if I feel adventurous, I can just change the font size in the XML file itself :slight_smile:

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To my knowledge, this is not in the roadmap.
A couple of workaround ideas:

  • You can select all elements in a given diagram, and then change the font size manually going to the property views
  • it Won’t be difficult to do a Python4Capella script that would automatically change all the font size in all diagrams.


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