Convert Rich Text of description in plain text

Is there already a built-in method in Capella to convert the Rich Text in description in a plain text/string ? including when the description refers to another model element.
For instance, from this: "<p>refer to <a href="hlink://61764a3c-5cbb-4628-89ed-95da7efacce6">Glossary</a></p>"
I would like to get this: refer to Glossary

Thank you for your help

Hi Tom,
M2Doc has some services for this:

Hi Stephane,
Thank you for the quick reply.
I should have been more precise in my question. I am not using M2Doc but am generating Excel files from the model, so I would prefer to avoid to depend on M2Doc services.

Hi Tom,

When working in Java, you can try the apache commons library as follows :

String txt= StringEscapeUtils.unescapeHtml4(s); 
       txt= txt.replaceAll("<p>","");   
       txt= txt.replaceAll("</p>", "");