Table System Function/Requirement with Requirement VP

With Requirement VP, the requirement, created within Capella Module, does not work with the current table System Function Requirement. To solve this issue, I have created a new table with Capella Studio. In my table I want to display the text of the requirement. In the odesign, I have created the table with this code

The result is as this

As you can notice, the text is like that ‘<p text </p’. I would like to remove all other characters than text and limit the size of my column, with a text that fit in it.

Thank you for your help

Not helping here, but just to let you know that you may be interested in joining next Thursday Webinar on Python 4 Capella, this may come in handy for generating tables from your models…



In order to convert the HTML content to plain readable text you will have to add some code (and so use a Sirius Service call to populate the content of your table cell).
A simple solution is probably to use a regular expression to modify the text and remove the html tags (<…> content).
An other solution may be found in a simple override of the HTMLEditorKit ParserCallback as in

Edit: I found that an other post have an answer for you: Convert Rich Text of description in plain text


Not sure if its working, but you can probably import LabelHelper on your java service class

capella-requirements-vp/ at master · eclipse/capella-requirements-vp · GitHub

And call LabelHelper.transformHTMLToTextWithLineFeed(evaluationResult);
capella-requirements-vp/ at master · eclipse/capella-requirements-vp · GitHub