Capella VPMS add-on for Capella V6.x

Hello everybody,

Is anyone aware of the status of the Modes & States viewpoint?

The features provided by the add-on are really appealing. However, the latest release of the add-on is V0.18.1 from October 2021. As of now, Cappella V6.0 does not work with this old version and the VPMS project does not seem to be actively maintained in GitHub.

There is an open issue to integrate the features from the add-on into Capella itself. Is that the reason why the add-on is not maintained and we’ll see the VPMS features in a future release of Capella?


If anyone else is checking this thread for the current status of the add-on:

There is some activity to update the VPMS add-on for Capella V6.0:
Comparing v0.18.x…v0.19.x · eclipse/capella-vpms (

As of the time of writing, there is only a new branch and a commit to work on the update. I have not yet found a release of the new version.

Great news from my perspective, I highly appreciate that this is taken care of!

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Hi, yes,
not yet finished but we are working to make it compatible with 6.1 release

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Hi there @jdes @pdulth . I came across this download link for v0.19 (2023-06-03):

Is this the latest version now working with Capella 6.1?

Also is there an manual/readme on how to use this add on?

Many thanks


Hi @sbeaz,

you are right, this is the latest version, see also Releases · eclipse/capella-vpms (

According to the documentation, version 0.19 works with Capella V6.0 and V6.1. Up to now, I have only used it with V6.0 where it works fine. With Capella V6.1, I could at least install it and reference it as a viewpoint from a project. I have not yet used it with V6.1, though.

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