Capella 5 Issue with behavior PC

In the previous version of Capella (1.4) we were able to add behavior PC into Node PC. This action was possible by dragging a behavior PC into a Node PC in a PAB diagram or through the project explorer.

We are not able to do that in Capella 5. Is this a normal behavior for the new version ?

I confirm I have the same issue with Capella 5.1.0 - let’s see if this is an issue or if I am missing something…

Hi. This is part of the modifications driven by the enhancement of the implementation of Actors. You may wan to check the Help > Capella Guide > Thematic Highlights > Enhancements of the implementation of Actors section.

The relation between Nodes and Behaviour Physical Components is not a containment, but a deployment (which is represented by the rounded corners of the BPC in the view you’ve shared). Since Capella 5 this distinction has been renforced.

Thanks Juan for the answer!

I don’t know exactly how, but I still was able to do so in 5.1 - PC2 deployed on NC1 is a member of NC2 in project explorer. I was also able to place normal (not deployed) PC1 on NC2 (at least membership matches this time). Is all of this intended or should component placement be more restricted by the tool?

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