Question about the hierarchy of Behaviour PC's and Node PC's


I am in the process of creating a Bill of Materials (BoM) or a product hierarchy and have questions regarding the behavior/hierarchy of Behaviour PC’s (BPC ) and Node PC’s (NPC).

Inside a NPC a BPC is implemented. These are deployed but not contained in. In previous versions of Capella, the hierarchy was displayed as follows:

Physical System
----Node PC
--------Node PC 2
------------Behaviour PC 1

For this I have a forum example:

This was very helpful if you wanted to create a BoM or have a general overview of the Component Breakdown Structure using a PCBD diagram. You could create a Physical Component/Physical Function Matrix, export it as CSV and you had an Excel list with all components and their hierarchy.

In the current version, both NPC’s and BPC’s are listed below each other without a hierarchy:

Physical System
Node PC
Node PC 2
Behaviour PC 1

So in the PCBD diagram all components are set up in a horizontal line within a hierarchy level. Now I am looking for a way to show the product hierarchy in a different way.

In EBPS a CIBD diagram can be created. The hierarchy is displayed in the Project Explorer, but this hierarchy is cancelled again when a traceability matrix is created. Thus one has only graphically the Breakdown but I have no possibility to export this as CSV.

Additionally, I could use the PAB and select each component individually. In the Semantic browser the “Deployed Physical Components” are displayed. So I could write down all Deployed components manually. However, this process takes too long.

Why was the decision made to list all physical components in one level? What options do I have to display a product hierarchy and export it, e.g. as a CSV?

Many thanks in advance!

You can give them (each: NodePC and BPC) a structure (containment) …
but a BPC can only deployed on a NodPC not be contained in…


Hello, thank you for the information. Correct, a BPC can only deployed on a NPC but they cant be contained in.

However, I have found a way to create a pseudo-hierarchy of Physical Components via the Python4Capella addon. This fulfills exactly my requirement:


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