Capella 5.0.0 has been released


Capella 5.0.0 has been released.

This major release includes usability and performance improvements, as well as multiple bug fixes. Capella deployment is now easier as it embeds directly Java.

The release note for Capella 5.0.0 is available on this Wiki page [1]
Capella 5.0.0 is available for download on the Capella website [2]

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Hi Philippe,
Congrats to you and the team for this major milestone!

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Now that Capella 5.0.0 has been released, I have the same question I asked over a month ago … where do I find the update sites? Your response before was that 5.0 had not been released.

Hi Don,
I thought you were looking for Capella 5.0 in this thread (Update Sites for Version 5.0), not specifically for “update sites”.
I am not 100% sure of what you are trying to do, but I would advise you to download and unzip it directly from the Capella 5.0.0 bundle from the Capella download page ( I do not believe the number one use of using update sites are “to keep up to date with the software”, but rather to be able to install it with other software already installed.
Anyway, if you still want to use the Capella update sites, you’ll find them in the first post on this thread from Philippe, on this page:

Obeo Canada

Thanks, Stephane. That looks like what I was seeking; sorry my original message was unclear. I understand that the best way to stay updated with Capella is to reset with each version that is released; but sometimes I need to go back in versions for the classes I teach.
May you be safe during this “coronavirus season” and have a prosperous New Year!

Hi Don,

Happy new year!

Yes, I think the best way to update Capella is to take the full bundle.
If you need to go back to a previous Capella version:

  • You can have a different directory on your hard drive for your different Capella version and workspaces
  • Please be aware that if you are working on a model with a Capella version, you will be able to migrate and open it in a newer Capella version, but not the other way round (in general)

All the best,
Stephane Lacrampe
ObeoSoft Canada


Mac and Linux releases for 5.0.0 have been republished.

Capella 5.0.0 for Mac and Linux versions have been re-released to fix a packaging issue [1]
You can download them from Capella website.


[1] Capella 5 on Mac

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