Update Sites for Version 5.0

I have recently started trying to learn about Capella and somewhat new to Linux software. I have used the Eclipse feature in other programs to keep the software up to date. I read the forum and searched it and did not find (though my search technique is poor) any references to the update sites. I tried a couple of things similar to what was done by others and the results can be summarized in the two images below: Error_configure_available_update_sites

Where should I go to find the URLs for update site(s) for Version 5.0.0 of Capella and Studio Capella?
Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Don,

Capella 5.0.0 has not been released yet. The last up to date version is Capella 1.4.2 that can be downloaded from the Capella website download page.

All the best,
Stephane Lacrampe
OBEO Canada

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