Can not import Reqif file

I’ve exported Data from Polarion to a Reqif file (see attachment). Unfortunately I can not import the content of the file into Capella. I get the following error message:
“An internal error occurred during: “Load ReqIF resource”. java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.math.BigInteger”
I’ve tried the import with a Reqif which was posted as an example in the forum and that file I can import without problem. Can you tell me what is wrong with this file?
I’m using Capella 1.3.1

Indeed there is an issue here.
The issue is located on the attribute ForeignID of requirements which is handled differently according tools.
In Doors, its an Integer, In DoorsNG, is an String embedding an Integer and it seems that in Polarion, its a String.
As this addon is primarily dedicated to import ReqIf from Doors, it handle the ForeignID as an Integer. It also cover ForeignId from DoorsNG i think.
To import requirements from Polarion into Capella, you will not be able to import this attribute with this version.
You can disable import of this attribute in Windows / Preferences / Capella / Requirements / Attributes section.
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Hi Marius,
It looks like a character encoding that you get from your Polarion export is not the one expected by the requirements import. I would assume that the Unicode: 0x10 is not the % but the formatting character that is just after. Does it say UTF-8 at the beginning of your file? Could you provide a file example to reproduce the issue?
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