YANG Model Import/Export?

This is my first post here.

I did a bit of searching for either “Data Modelling” and/or YANG specifically, but found nothing that answered my basic question, which is:

Does Capella support the use of YANG data models (i.e. allow import of an existing YANG data model schema, or can generate YANG from Data model representation in the tool)?

I need to know this quick as we are contemplating switching from another (quite expensive!) UML system modelling environment that DOES support extensive Import/Export capabilities for various Data Modelling languages including YANG. So far, I see nothing like this - but perhaps there is an Add-on out there that does this?

Any and all timely advice would be appreciated!

Hi @JStevenson,

There are several ways to get data in and out of a Capella Model:

  • Python for Capella
  • M2Doc
  • Requirements VP
  • Commercial Off the Shelf Add-Ons such as Maplesoft and RAT

To name a few.

The key with any import/export of data is the mapping between the elements in the ARCADIA framework and the framework you are using. E.g. what does a function refer to, what about a behavioural component or a node PC? How are these equivalent to the data structure you are looking to import/export from.

I havent heard of the YANG data scheme being used. Though a quick google suggests its similar to XML.

I would recommend using Python for Capella as a starting point, you would be able to export as needed. This would take a little upfront investment to develop the scripts/capability, but once in place is very flexible and adaptable.