XText grammar generation issue in Capella Studio

Before explaining my issue I will give a bit of context.
I have defined a Capella extension using KitAlpha, generated it and used it. I am now trying to use an XText grammar to specify a part of that extension, ultimately the aim is to embedd it in the Sirius UI thanks to the Altran plugin (
However, I have issue in Capella Studio generating my XText grammar. I have created a XText project from the Kitalpha generated ecore and I have configured the project containing the ecore as a Xtext project. This allows XText to detect the ecore file when being imported in XText.
Once my grammar is written (I extracted the import part hereafter), I try to generate the XText artifacts and I have the following issue. I added both com.irt_saintexupery.capella.vp.availabilityassessment and com.irt_saintexupery.capella.vp.availabilityassessment.model to the dependencies in the MANIFEST, both of which are in the same workspace. I also tried to force the registration of the ecore and genmodel files in the mwe2 file but it did not suceed. I will need a bit of your help since I assume it is rather a configuration issue, maybe due to KitAlpha generation or Capella Studio.

It may not be the cause but I would feel more confortable in your situation having a DSL without any “-” or “_” in qualified names (com.irt_saintexupery.capella.vp.availabilityassessment.xtex t.FailurePropagation) or NSURI (
http://www.irt-saintexupery.com/capella/AvailabilityAssessme nt) or even projects names (com.irt_saintexupery.capella.vp.availabilityassessment.xtex t).
May you could try such a refactoring.