XHTML - Unable to get Component Exchanges and Physical Links in output


I want to generate Component Exchanges and Physical Links information in a HTML export but I am unable to generate this information and these elements do not appear in the “index” of the HTML export.

I have disabled all the filters in the Project Explorer.

The Component Exchanges and Physical Links appear “greyed” when I use the “HTML Documentation Generation on selected elements…” menu.
And there is an information saying that No HTML documentation will be generated for the greyed selected element :

However, everything works fine for Functional exchanges.

Is there something I can do to get Component Exchanges and Physical links in the output ?

I am using Capella v1.4.2 (I have the same issue with Capella v6.0.0).

Thank you very much in advance for answer or advice.


Did you manage to have the answer ? I have exactly the same question and this page mention that we can select whether or not to generate pages on exchanges (either functional, component or physical links …)



Did you activate the generation for these elements in the preferences ?


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Perfect ! that is what I was looking for. (i was filtering with “html” in preferences but it is “xhtml”…)
Thank you !