XHTML: jpeg images for diagram generation on Linux

When generating XHTML documents on Linux (CentOS 6) there are by default no diagrams generated. To get diagrams generated I have to select “PNG” instead of the (default selected) “JPG” in the Windows->Preferences->Kitalpha->Core Technology Kit->Docgen->Diagrams settings window.
I expect that JPG should be possible on Linux, but can anyone tell me what packages are required to be installed in order to be able to use JPG to export diagrams?
Kind regards,
Jeroen Kouwer

Hello Jeroen,
The XHTML docgen uses the Sirius APIs to generate diagrams. No additional packages are required.
Are you able to export diagram with the Sirius tooling in JPG format? (to test it, you can right click on a Sirius diagram in the Capella Project explorer and click on “Export representation as image”).
Best regards,

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