XHTML DocGen not working for Capella 1.3

I have installed Capella 1.3.0 and downloaded the XHTML Document Generator plugin, XHTMLDocGen- I have also got the IFE model open. Initially, the menu option to generate documentation was not available, but I changed to the default Capella perspective and it became available. When I run the document generation I get my HTML folder populated but when I try to explore the model, I get a “File Not Found” error. The screenshots are attached. When I navigate using Firefox, the error message identifies the particular file not found.
Has this plugin been tested with Capella 1.3.0?
Thank you,

As indicated on the website, the add-on is at the moment only available for Capella 1.2, not Capella 1.3.
The version for Capella 1.3 will be available very soon, stay tuned!

The xhtml docgen for Capella 1.3.0 is available for download

It works! Thank you!