Would it possible to call "python scripts" in the aql intended fields?

In M2DOC, or in Capella Studio, we tend to find lot of instances involving aql and specifically the possibility to call a java service. (service:SomeService)

Do you think it could be possible to call upon a python script instead, some day?

So instead of having aql fields based purely on… java services, we would instead use what I call "Pyservice"s:

This would require the development of a new Sirius interpreter. This is not planned. But with Python4Capella, you can contribute menus that will launch your Python script. You can have a look at this example. The four first comments tells EASE to contribute a menu to the Eclipse interface.

Capella seems simple yet is so complexe, it contains so many tools to learn, in order to be at “ease” using it.
I am not sure i can learn everything or be able to master EASE…

I had already looked at the sample script exampls, thank you.