Workspace Default Config Storage


One of my colleagues is setting up the deployment of Capella for use on some Virtual Machines. As these virtual machines “come and go”, where default location of the workspace is would be useful to configure.

Where in the Capella source files is the workspace location stored? So we can try and set this manually rather than through when Capella is opened and the user sets this themselves.


I did a quick search and found 2 options (that I have not tested):
(1) - Go to eclipse\configuration\ , Open the file “config.ini” , Modify/add the line orgi.instance.area.default=“c:/MyWorspacePath”
(2) - in the command line when launching Capella, use the -data option to add a path


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Hi Stephane, we have users who access their home drive as either H: or Y: so we would need to set the variable up as %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\Capella\workspaces\default - it can’t be set as a local drive as our VDIs lose settings on reboot.
I set orgi.instance.area.default=“%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\Capella\workspaces\default” in the config file and got the error “The default workspace “{0}” is in use or cannot be created. Please choose a different one.”
However, adding the path to the Capella launch command via the -data option does work, so thanks for that!

Thanks, Paul.

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In the config.ini file, it should be able to pick up your env variable if you use $ instead of %

For the -data option, if this option works for you, then I suppose you can embed the command in a .bat file, using the environment variable.