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Hello Matt,
I have few doubts regarding Capella:

  1. Is it possible to create Architecture for a Particular Capabilities or in Capella there is a criteria to create a single SAB for whole System.
  2. If we can create different SABs for different Capabilities, Can we reuse the actors in different Architecture diagram(SABs) at System Analysis Level.
  3. There is only one state diagram possible at system level. If i want different state of system based on different Capabilities(use cases), how to achieve it.
    Thanks in advance!

Hello Jagpreet,
I did not see your question earlier because actually this kind of question shall be asked in the Capella workbench section and not in the General information one.
Nevertheless, to answer your questions:

  1. In Capella there is a single Architecture defined inside a project. However you can create several diagrams, and actually you shall do several diagrams with different perspectives. Diagrams are meant to be partial views of your system focused on one aspect. It is usually impossible to represent all the aspect of a system in a single diagram without resulting in something unreadable
  2. As said earlier there is only one architecture but several diagrams. Thus you will define your actors once, and then represent them in several diagrams. That’s why you have two different kind of tools in the palette for each kind of object. One to create a new object. One to show / hide and existing (in the model) element in the diagram
  3. You can create several mode / state machine for the system following the procedure I describe in this post:

Hello Matt,
Thank you for your reply!

Thank you so much Matt!
I was wondering if i can get some help in HTML report generation from Capella Model. I am facing issue while doing the same.
Thanks in Adcance!
I have attached the log file along with it.

I need a template M2Doc for Operational Analysis but i didn’t find an official one .I found the template for System analysis and logical architecture but not for OA. Where can i find an official template for Operational Analysis?
Thanks in Advance

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