[Webinar] June 22nd 2023 - Mastering Arcadia method: A Deep Dive into Extensive MBSE Ressources

Hello everyone! Obeo is organizing a new webinar which I’m hosting with Jean-Luc Voirin from Thales as presenter.

Throughout his involvement in various projects over the years, Jean-Luc noticed that a lot of relevant questions were asked about the Arcadia Method. He decided to collect all those questions, along with the answers he had given and publish them into a complete guide. This guide aims at answering potential questions systems engineers may have about the Arcadia Method during their modelling process.

During the webinar, there will be a quick overview of the Arcadia Method’s resources currently available online, along with a further development on Jean-Luc’s new guide.

If you have any questions about the webinar you may ask them here and they will be asked during the event!

The webinar video replay will be uploaded to YouTube two weeks after the main event, with a first-week access for everyone that answered the post-webinar survey. Every question left unanswered during the event will be posted here with a direct response from Jean-Luc.

I look forward to everyone’s presence!

Link to register for the webinar:

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