[Webinar] June 20th, 2024 - Working in a Multi-user Mode with Team for Capella

Hello everyone!
I’m really excited to announce that I will be the host of today’s Capella webinar, featuring our speaker Maxime Porhel.
During this webinar, Maxime will talk about Team for Capella, an add-on that allows multiple users to work on the same model at the same time.

You can register right here to attend this new webinar!
The video replay will be uploaded on our YouTube channel, along with the presentation slides. Don’t forget that answering the post-webinar survey allows for an earlier access to the replay and the slides :wink:.

If you wish to keep on discussing the subject, you can comment right underneath this blog post. It would be a pleasure for our team and Maxime to read your feedback and/or answer some of your questions!

Very excited to meet you all during this webinar!

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