[Webinar] July 11th, 2024 - Optimize Architecture by Generating N2 Design Structure Matrices with DSM4Capella

Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce that I will be once again the host for the next Capella on webinar the 11th of July, featuring Sébastien Dubé and Mirna Ojeda. This time, the webinar will focus on the implementation of DSM/N2 into the Capella tool.

During this talk, Sébastien and Mirna will propose DSM4Capella as an open source tool allowing for optimization techniques in logical functions to components allocation.

You can register right here to attend this new webinar!
The video replay will be uploaded on our YouTube channel, along with the presentation slides. Also, answering the post-webinar survey can grant early access of the slides and video replay if you wish to!
You can always keep the discussion active by commenting right underneath this blog post. It will be a pleasure to answer the questions some of you may have right after the webinar. Also, any feedback is appreciated!

Very excited to meet you all during this webinar!