[Webinar] July 11th 2023 - Connecting Capella and ModelCenter to Analyze System Architecture

Hi everyone! On July 11th, Capella is having its next webinar featuring Alexandre Luc and Scott Ragon from Ansys.

This webinar will revolve around Ansys’ optimization and analysis tool ModelCenter, and its integration into Capella. Alexandre and Scott will present a few demos to show how they incorporated ModelCenter into Capella through real-world applications. ModelCenter is a simulation tool which enables systems architects and engineers to analyze complex systems and create automated workflows.

We expect many of you as this webinar isn’t just a presentation, but a true collaboration with the public. There will be many polls about Capella and the ModelCenter integration, so we can better understand YOUR needs on these projects.
So, if you have any questions about the webinar you may leave them here and they will be asked during the event!

As usual, the webinar video replay will be uploaded to YouTube two weeks after the main event, with first-week access for everyone that answered the post-webinar survey. Every question left unanswered during the event will be posted here with a direct response from the speakers.

We’re looking forward to everyone’s presence!

Link to register for the webinar:

See you soon,

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