[Webinar] April 13th, 2023 - Assess the environmental impacts of your system architecture

Hi everyone!

I’m pleased to announce that I will be the chairman for the next Capella webinar on April 13th. In this webinar, Arnaud Dieumegard from Obeo will address the hot topic of environmental awareness in system engineering. He will give an overview of Ecodesign, a Capella add-on enabling close collaboration between System engineering and Life Cycle Assessment.

Here’s the link to register and attend the webinar.

Along with the video that will be uploaded on YouTube, every question left unanswered will be transmitted to the speakers. Their answers will be directly posted below this post, so feel free to carry out the discussion!

Looking forward to seeing you there :wink:



Can the Capella EcoDesign Data also be accessed via Python4Capella for interfacing with other eco-engineering tools?

Yes it is possible to access the data of the addon using Python4Capella. During the EcoPlex project a first version of a Python API has been developed. It is not yet integrated in the tool but I it does the job for importing/exporting/treating data.