VPMS AddOn: Configurations not in Palette

Hello everyone,

I installed the vpms plugin and I can create Configurations and Situations from the Project Explorer, but I cannot see the tools to represent them in diagrams in the Palette, like shown in the webinar on youtube:

How can I get his to work?


Side Note: My only sources of knowledge about how to use it are the above mentioned video: (80) Modeling states and modes with Arcadia and Capella: method and tool perspectives | Webinar Capella - YouTube - although I noticed that several things have changed since it was made - and this document: capella-vpms/spec_latest.docx at v1.3.x · eclipse/capella-vpms · GitHub . Is there any more stuff I can look at?

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It must be a delayed response, so FYI for everyone…

There are two steps you need to take to enable them.

  1. Enable the AddOn in Viewpoint Manager (You can create Configurations, so this step done)
  2. Enable the VPMS layer in your SAB diagram