VP requirement, ReqIf import mapping issue

Hello everybody!
I have an issue with the requirement VP v0.9.1 used with Capella 1.2.1.
When I import a ReqIf file I have not the same mapping (between attributes from the ReqIf file and attributes from the requirement viewpoint ) if I look to a folder or a requirement.
I took screenshot of the issue in attached files. I have imported a ReqIf file from a Doors module. In each element I wrote its type so that the mapping is easy to understand in the property view inside Capella.
I observe that the ReqIf.LongName is once mapped to Object Heading (for requirement) and once mapped to Object Short Text (for a folder).
Why it’s mapped like this? Is it customizable with the viewpoint preferences?
Thanks for your help !

Thank you for these answers. I think I will use an Excel importer hardcoded in Java. It will be easier to manage my mapping and to be used by everbody into my company. ReqIf format is not easy to understand and not easy to produce with our Doors distribution (only a few people have this kind of permission).