"Visible in documentation" Diagram property in m2doc


I’m currently generating documentation using M2doc and I’m trying to filter which diagrams to insert in the document by using the boolean property “Visible in documentation”.

Is this property supported by M2doc and if so what would the appropriate m2doc command line be.
I’m trying to avoid filtering my diagrams by name (i.e. inserting a key word in the diagram name to filter specific diagrams)

Thank you in advance for your response.

A service has been added on DRepresentation:
{ rep.isVisibleInDoc() }
To test if the representation is visible in LM you can also use:
{ rep.isVisibleInLM() }

To use them you will need to use the nightly build of M2doc extensions for Capella since those services have been added after the last release (5.0.0):
The next release is planed for Capella 5.1.0.

Thank you for your response Yvan
I’ll be sure to migrate to capella 5.0.0 as I am currently using capella 1.4.1