Viewpoints with Capella Studio 1.1.0

I am having issues converting a viewpoints from Capella 1.0.1 to Capella 1.1.0.
I have Java conditions in the diagram view to change the background color of a box.
It worked very well before but it does not work anymore.
Do you know if it’s because of a new feature in 1.1.0 ?
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I’ve found the issue.
There has been some minor changes in the way to use viewpoint’s attributes.

What is the best starting point in understanding the basics of Capella Studio for customizing the Activity Explorer and viewpoint creation.
Not sure if this is correct thread for such a question, anyway would appreciate what coud give me a quick-start for creating such artefacts myself.

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Following 2 videos are quite useful in understanding the basics of viewpoint creation:
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Thanks Jef