Viewpoint Modes & States on Capella 1.3.0

I am trying to use the Viewpoint Modes & States on Capella 1.3.0.
I have downloaded and installed the Add-on correctly and I activated it for my project.
However, I don’t understand how to create configurations starting from the existing modes & states.
Basing on the available documentation, I tried to start from a new Configuration Elements diagram in the System Analysis.
Then, right-click on the table-> New Configuration. Unfortunately, the latter command is ineffective, any new configuration is created.
Since this aspect is not well explained in the UserGuide, I was wondering if someone among Capella users experienced similar issues.
Thank you in advance!

The Modes States Configurations add-on is not yet available for Capella 1.3. Hopefully this will be the case soon.

I had an update from Stephane Bonnet, this build should work on Capella 1.3.1: /