Viewpoint Modes & States for Capella 1.4.x

Hi, is any release of the VPMS for Capella 1.4.x planned soon? Alternatively, is it planned to be embedded as a core viewpoint in any future release of Capella?

Hi Fabio,
I found the latest build for Capella 1.4.x here:
I have not tested it though.
I believe it is intended to become a core Capella viewpoint but I do not think it is planned yet. Any help/sponsoring is welcome here I guess.

Wow, thank you so much Stephane! I’ll test the build. I wasn’t expecting to be able to install it right away!

It works! Although I’m getting a lot of the warnings below. But it still works for now :smiley:
Thanks again for the link. I couldn’t find it by myself.

Great, please save your model on a regular base as I do not know if this build is really stable…

Fabio, I maintain that addon. Since forever I would love if sirius would tell me where the expression is actually located, a clickable link to an .odesign would be very nice… It could be anywhere. I’ll take a look at the warning.

I can’t see anything obvious. There is one place that uses “typedElements”, but that relation still exists, so not sure what’s wrong with your test. Could you send me the test model so that I can check?

Hi Felix, thank you for your attention!
Just attached the model to this post.
As for the version of Capella I’m using: It is Version: 1.4.0, Build id: 201911211736
If you need any more data regarding my installation, I attached a file with the text in my Installation Details > Configuration tab.
Btw, the only error I get is that the configurations icon is not presented on my SAB diagrams (although the highlighted deactivated functions and etc… are sometimes present - sometimes not).

Oh, so this is all caused by the fact that Capella 1.4 allows Architecture Diagrams to be created on Component Package Elements. The modes/states addon assumes that the root element of every Architecture diagram is a Component/Part, as it has been until now. I can maybe fix this in coming months, but for now - unless you really need it for other reasons - make sure your Diagram Root elements are Components, not Packages, and you should be fine.

That’s awesome! Thank you Felix!
Just to understand this better, when you say “root element” you mean the direct parent of the diagram?
Or will it work without warnings if I create a package under a component and put my diagram there?
Anyway, for now I’ll put the diagrams under components. Tks again!

Yes, what appears to be the parent of the diagram in the project explorer is - in capella - the root element of the diagram. You can see this also by clicking on any white area in the diagram. It should show you the properties of the diagram parent/root.

Thank you!