Vertically aligning State Fragments in an ES

Is it possible to place multiple state fragments on the same line?
I would like to start this ES by showing what state each component needs to be in, and it looks very untidy.

… or is there I reason why I shouldn’t do this?

Thank you!

@cherry_picker I am a bit confused about your question. When you refer to putting state fragments on the “same line” which line are you referring to? I assume you mean the dotted timeline, which would be the only logical place you could put a state fragment. And, of course, you can place multiple different statement fragments on a single timeline to reflect event-driven status changes. These can be aligned manually as the normal diagram alignment functions do not work on sequence diagrams – not sure why that should be the case.

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@woodske I think they mean the same horizontal line. All the modes/state circles are slightly offset from each. It is a bit untidy, but I think the nature of sequence diagrams is that no two model elements can sit horizontally aligned.

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Ahh, thanks @JoshWedgwood that does make more sense. It was the reference to “vertical” in the subject that confused me. With that cleared up I believe what you are trying to achieve @cherry_picker is perfectly sensible. But it does appear to be impossible to precisely align elements horizontally across the timelines. I doubt this is by design, so could reasonably be called a bug.

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